The Whimsical Step Garden at ACROS Fukuoka

It’s always a good idea to look for inspiration before taking on a new landscaping project for your home or business. Inspiration can come from anywhere, such as the whimsical Step Garden located at ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall. Take a closer look at what makes this Step Garden so special and why it can serve as a great source of inspiration for your landscaping project:

ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall
The ACROS (Asian Crossroads Over the Sea) Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is located in the heart of Fukuoka City in Japan. It was designed by Emilio Ambasz, an architect from Argentina who is also concerned a pioneer in the sustainability movement. Ambasz wanted to create a beautiful green space that honored natured while also providing mixed-use areas for Fukuoka City’s residents to enjoy—and he did! The ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall was completed in 1994, making it one of the most important and well-known pieces of green architecture seen in the 1990s.

Step Garden
The exterior of the ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is covered in greenery, resulting in a beautiful and whimsical Step Garden. This area is open to the public, allowing people from all over the world to experience the beauty and wonder of green building practices. The building features vegetation on its sides and roof, creating a combination of natural and consumerism. By creating this Step Garden, the building’s designers were able to give back some of the land they took away to create the building back to nature. People love to spend time on the Step Garden when they’re taking a break from their busy work days.

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