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Driveway Pavers

A growing number of Tucson, AZ homeowners are turning to driveway paving stones over traditional surfaces like asphalt, concrete and gravel for both new and replacement driveways. The reason is that paving stones provide several key advantages for those living in the area. Driveway pavers are available in a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes which allows for a great degree of design creativity to complement Tucson, AZ homes and landscapes. They are also extremely durable, generally lasting for the lifetime of the driveway. Unlike poured concrete or asphalt surfaces that are difficult to repair when damage occurs, driveway paving stones are individually replaced should one or more become damaged. Also, paving stones can be driven on immediately after installation while poured concrete and asphalt require a “curing” period.

Driveway pavers can be more expensive than traditional options. However, the end results and benefits of using paving stones make them well worth the additional cost. Santa Rita Landscaping offers the following manufactured driveway paving stones for Tucson, AZ homeowners that are just as gorgeous and durable as real stone only with various additional advantages.



Mega­Arbel pavers create natural looking driveways and landscapes. These paving stones are similar in appearance to flagstone with irregular shapes and textured surfaces that provide a beautiful mosaic effect. The interlocking design means less material needs to be cut away and wasted and you get a more stable surface with less shifting and expansion of joints. Our Mega­Arbel pavers are available in the colors of Bella, Sierra and Toscana.


Mega­Lafitt pavers offer the most natural looking option to real cut flagstone while equaling its texture, strength and durability. The modular shapes and larger sizes of these driveway pavers make them easy to fit and install while providing ample flexibility for custom designs. We offer Mega­Lafitt paving stones in the colors of Sierra and Toscana.

Seville Catalina®

Seville–Catalina pavers offer the look of natural stone containing a smooth surface and crisp joint lines. The soft texture and clean edges provide Tucson, AZ homeowners with a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing surface appearance. A wide range of laying patterns can be utilized due to their easily interlocking shapes and natural colors.

Non-Tumbled Catalina Valencia

Non Tumbled ­Catalina Valencia pavers are traditional “cobble­style” paving stones that also have crisp, clean edges like Seville–Catalina pavers only the corners are more rounded for an even smoother look. The various subtle natural color combinations and versatile patterns make these driveway paving stones especially good for creating intricate designs that add beauty to your Tucson, AZ home.

Turfstone Permeable

Turfstone­Permeable pavers are the perfect choice when a hard surface that maintains the green grass or natural desert soil look is required. These grey paving stones are ideal for boat, camper or other vehicle storage areas located off to the sides of driveways. They provide a solid, durable surface while allowing seepage of rainwater and the growth of ground cover throughout the area. This allows for the maintenance of landscape greenery as well as the control and stabilization of soil erosion. The design is eco­friendly while offering a fresh and unique look alongside the entranceway created by other appealing driveway pavers.

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